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Paragons of Klaxxi down on Heroic

One shotted after wiping a bit last reset.

Siegecrafter Blackfuse down on Heroic

Mr. Helix Blackfuse won’t be making anymore warmachines even on heroic :D


Thok the Bloodthirsty down on Heroic

No more eating.

The Trash Boss has been defeated !

Spoils of Pandaria have given us their heroic loot !

Recruitment News

In terms of specifics, right now we need:

1 Melee DPS - No monks/rogues, rest are welcome to apply.
1 Healer - Ideally we want a Resto Druid, Shaman or Monk.
1 Tank - Anything but another Prot Warrior would be ideal.

If you’re a really awesome person we might consider you even if we don’t need your class, so don’t worry about that too much. Feel free to contact me anyway. We can always move things around within the guild to fit if it sounds exceptionally good and you don’t seem like a clownhat.

We also plan to move to Mythic raiding (of course!) when the next expansion rolls around. So even if you’re not planning on raiding now, but are interested in returning to the game for Warlords of Draenor, hit us up and maybe you could find a home here for future raiding when we expand the roster.

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